Gender Enhancement

Offered at our convenient location in London

For many people going through gender re-assignment or for those who have been through this process, it can often leave you feeling that there is still more to be done to create a truly feminine or masculine appearance other than the obvious areas of surgery.

There are certain shapes and attributes that are considered to be womanly, for example the curve of the hip and buttock or the hourglass waist. For men it may be the ‘V’ shape of the torso and the straight line of the thigh, or the broad chest and muscular arms.

These are areas that can be created using a combination of Vaser and Fat Transfer to achieve the desired results. Relevant procedures include breast enhancement, breast removal, rhinoplasty, facial feminisation, chin and jaw implants, and genital reconstruction. Feel free to ask about others. In addition we are able to incorporate the skills of one of our chosen cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons who specialises in this field should you wish to have further surgery to enhance the results.

Dr. Hamlet has performed many procedures for people who are undergoing gender reassignment or who have done so in the past. He is delighted to be able to help people on their journey of change, and finds it a very rewarding and positive process for all involved.